Retained and Contingency Searches and
Other Recruitment Services

  • Exclusive Contingency Agreements
    This fee is contingent upon our agency finding a candidate to fill a job vacancy and the candidate is hired by the hiring manager or client. If you don't hire the candidate, then we don't get paid!
    The rate for this particular arrangement is 30% for executives, 20% for management. Non-management of the hired candidate's yearly salary, paid after the candidate is hired by the employer.
  • Retained Searches
    This fee offers an exclusive relationship with our agency.
    Why? It is because we are solely dedicated to the hiring manager alone in searching for the right candidate or candidates for your company. This is the most cost-effective way to fill a job vacancy, (especially with the current economy), because multiple vacancies can be filled at the same time for one upfront price negotiated by both parties.
    You will find this way a 100% satisfaction agreement is reached at an affordable price that fits the goal of the hiring manager and the agency.
  • Job Fairs
    Ace Partners will help our clients attract a large number of candidates by orchestrating, marketing, and managing a Job Fair that is specific to the client's organizational needs in any market. All the client will need to do is attend, interview, and select the candidates that you feel are best suited for the positions you offer.